It’s the Result that Counts
We Built This City
Happy Campers
The State of Things
In the Eagles Nest
WWIAFM at Röda Sten
Sthlm Art Fair 05
WWIAFM at Skoklosters slott
WWIAFM at ak28
ABC –You can do it! – blås&knåda
You can do it!
Sthlm Art Fair 04
Home 2003

The large room at the gallery contains a site-specific work entitled It’s the Result that Counts produced by the group WeWorkInAFragileMaterial. The work is constructed as a three-dimensional game board within which the group has acted. The group has used paintball to decorate the work in a violent process that challenges contemporary aestheticization’s understanding of both violence and surface. As with earlier works, the group has developed the installation during a joint working process though within a given structure. In this instance the structure take the form of the gallery itself as rules for a game in which it is the result that counts. This represents process-based crafts taken to their absolute limit.



More info about "TUMULT –a dialogue on craft in movement" at Gustavsbergs konsthall