Trolls are mammals living in the forest and they are often pictured as wealthy. Born with teeth, they go through puberty within 24 hours. Trolls are strong but unreliable creatures; you can never trust a troll.
   Jealousy is another useful word when describing a troll. Seldom happy with the current situation, they envy everything they do not have, and they like to steal beautiful blond human children. The trolls also throw stones on churches since they find the activities inside too noisy (they do not understand the church-thing). Some trolls possess special powers like walking miles in a few steps. Sometimes they have lips hanging all the way down to the ground and there are trolls with ears as big as plates. Also, their noses are extremely big, as are their sexual organs, feet and hands. Actually, everything about the troll is big and ugly according to humans. But the troll themselves are happy with their look.
   Some trolls wear clothes and some don’t, but common for both types are their bad eyesight and hearing. They do, however, have an excellent sense of smell. Trolls are often pictured as very old; they can live for hundreds of years. They live in caves and paths inside the mountains and are seldom seen by humans, why their existence always has been doubted.
   Some people claim that trolls do not exist; they are just a picture of everything we do not like about humans, but that is a lie. Trolls do exist! Trolls love music. When they dance the whole forest is shaking. Following an old-fashioned lifestyle, trolls are not interested in modern activities, such as driving a car or using a computer.



Skylight Studios, New York, USA
May 22 - 23, press Preview Sunday May 21, 7 pm

“Happy Campers” is an interactive exhibition/workshop that features some of Sweden’s most exciting young design groups. The show coincides with the ICFF fair and is a part of the off-site Mobile Living exhibition at Skylight studios. “Happy Campers” offers an interesting alternative to traditional design exhibitions. Instead of promoting finished products, it is a creative experiment that will grow and evolve during three days.
   Four young collaborative design groups from Sweden: defyra, Research and Development, Uglycute and We Work In A Fragile Material, will build their installations and lead workshops on site with the help of the public. They will create a metaphorical ’camp ground’ and explore issues of collaboration, social interaction, the Swedish relationship to nature, and mobile living. Visitors will participate in the growth of a 13 feet troll, stuff hot dog pillows by the yard and spend a virtual day in the Stockholm archipelago.
   Items and videos from the exhibition will be on view and for sale at Salvor Kiosk store in NYC May 23 through August.