"At first I was lying down and could not relax.
Tried to find a good hole. Tested a few. Finally I forced myself down into one which ended in space.
After a while the lion came. Oh no, not Aslan I thought. Ugh! What a failure I am.
He and I hugged each other. I decided that this absolutely not was Narnia. I buried myself into his mane.
He had bad breath but I managed.
Then he wanted to go further but animal sex is super scary.
When I said 'stop’'he ate me so that I became one with him.
We danced.
We brought ourselves back through space. And danced, running round in a forest.
We brought ourselves back to the place where I first met him.
-Are you my power animal?
-I don't know.
-Maybe We'll see each other again when I'm coming back
(I want to reach further down so that I don't feel like I'm making this up)
I, kind of, was born out of the lions mouth (without pain).
I brought myself back through the hole and met an ant on the way out.
It stood up on it's back legs. I brought myself back to my backpack.
I have to do this again to see if it's possible to reach deeper. I want to be more relaxed."



In the Eagles Nest
Nacka, March 10th – 12th, 2006

On a freezing winters day we brought 400 kilos of clay and food for three days to a cabin in the woods. It proved to be a very intensive stay. In the light of the fire we worked the clay inspired from the subconscious pictures that we created by exposing ourselves to a variety of drum journeys, rites, prophecies and conversations with demons and a general mysticism. The sensation of being a group was greatly strengthened but suddenly it was time to go home.