WwIAFm & Åsa Cederqvist / Stockholm Art Fair 2005

Art Fair 2005
April 9th – 13th, 2005

At the Stockholm Art Fair 2005, We Work In A Fragile Material (WWIAFM) invited a number of guests for a discussion on the subject Excuse me, how much is the vase? – a dialogue about the prize of things. There were questions raised like: What makes the “value”? Is it the sentimental value of an object, its actual sales cost, the sensation of belonging to a group, the aesthetical quality of an object or something else? The same subject was shaped and shown at the same time in the WWIAFM exhibition case (made by Åsa Cederqvist), where the group members´ private work was shown with its respective price tags in giant shape. Many of the exhibition visitors asked if the price tags were the actual ones, and that's how the dialogue could keep evolving. What is the reasonable price for design and craft? And who is prepared to pay?