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WWIAFM at Röda Sten
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WWIAFM at Skoklosters slott
WWIAFM at ak28
ABC –You can do it! – blås&knåda
You can do it!
Sthlm Art Fair 04
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We Work In A Fragile Material at ak28

Stockholm, October 7th – November 6th, 2004

At the ak28 gallery, WWIAFM had a parallel exhibition to the “You can do it!” at blås&knåda. The idea with the exhibition (curated by the ak28 staff) was to show each and every artist´s distinctive features. Lined up on a shelf along the four walls everyone placed their different objects and put their signature on the wall behind, as well as a plastic box placed below each object, filled with things that had served as inspiration for each artist respectively.